Check Out This Rube Goldberg-Esque ‘Breakfast Machine’ Made By A British Retiree

The only thing better than a hearty Sunday morning breakfast is a Sunday morning breakfast that cooks itself, Rube Goldberg style. Think, Wallace and Grommet or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — but less fancy plate work. That’s exactly what inventor Peter Browne, age 69, and his partner in toast, Mervyn Huggett had in mind when they put together the “Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine” as a gift to their wives. Over the course of a few minutes, the machine serves up crispy toast, a soft-boiled egg, and your choice of tea or coffee.

Browne, who polished his chops as an airline mechanic and silversmith, did the mechanical tinkering on the machine while Huggett provided the electrical knowledge. Together, the duo slaved away for 1,000 hours to complete the machine. It seems like 1,000 hours very well spent.

“The basic thing is to make people laugh. It’s got to look silly, but the main thing is that it obviously has to work well,” says Browne in the video showcasing his creation. As added bonuses to an already great machine, the Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine also dispenses a newspaper and clears the table after itself, we’re not exactly sure where the dirty dishes go, but that’s part of the fun.

If all goes well, Browne and Huggett will be jelly-ing their toast in no time — if they have the wives’ approval, of course.