Taco Bell Is Gearing Up To Sell Their Fried Chicken Shells Nationwide

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Last September, Taco Bell decided to test market a naked taco with a fried piece of chicken as a shell. Basically it was like KFC’s infamous Double Down sandwich that substituted bread for fried chicken. Why it took Taco Bell so long to do this boggles my mind since the Double Down was released way back in 2010. Besides making some noise on Reddit, the naked taco stayed in the background of fast food obscurity for months until a similar product was being tested in other parts of the country. We’re guessing that the Naked Chicken Chalupa passed the testing phase with flying colors, because Taco Bell announced that the product will be available nationwide.

According to Eater, the newly named Naked Crispy Chicken Shell Chalupa will be rolled out nationally sometime in 2017. Knowing Taco Bell, a Super Bowl commercial will probably coincide with the launch, and said commercial will have a guy who is clothed eating one of these stoner delicacies at a nude beach. The original version of the chalupa featured shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and an avocado ranch sauce inside of the fried chicken shell, which “has a kick”. There’s no extra meat inside of the chalupa, but if you’re excited about ordering this, you’re probably a regular at your local Taco Bell and your favorite employee can hook you up with a small scoop of beef if you toss them some extra coin.

(Via Eater)