These Tattoo Horror Stories Will Haunt You Next Time You Get Inked

02.21.16 2 years ago 2 Comments
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“Don’t drink and ink.” “Your relationship is new, but tattoos are forever.” “Spell check is your friend.”

All the above should be obvious rules of thumb when it comes to getting a tattoo, but time and time again, permanent mistakes are made. From misspelled inspirational quotes to unexpected allergic reactions and ill-advised patron behavior, any range of things can go awry when you’re under the needle.

Take these two brief stories about artists whose hands were a bit shaky.

From Jruff1984:

While I was getting a tattoo, the guy dropped the gun and it hit my forearm. I, now, have 3 permanent dots on my arm.

And samsironpoker:

I know a guy who has a line across his chest because his tattoo artist slipped. he just went, ‘hey guy, free tattoo!’

You could spend weeks exploring the trove of photographic evidence of regrettable ink, but we’ve found a few choice examples.

Heaven must be missin’ an angel, or this guy‘s tattoo artist must be missin’ a dictionary.

Ronnie James Dio, is that you?

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