‘Top Chef’ Star Tom Colicchio Goes Toe-To-Toe With Some Insanely Hot Wings

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First We Feast‘s notorious Hot Ones challenge has warped the minds of some, tortured the mouths of most and wreaked havoc on the pants of a select few. It’s the sort of interview/voluntary pain festival that simultaneously makes you want to be a participant while being thrilled something hitting the heights of the Scoville scale isn’t going into your precious gob.

Top Chef culinary star Tom Colicchio is the latest human being to go toe-to-toe with insanely spicy sauces and like fellow TV cooking fixture Rachael Ray, he’s no squirrely amateur when it comes to testing his mettle against the likes of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. Does Colicchio experience the pain of the spice glutton? You better believe it, dude/dudette. Can Colicchio engage in a valuable discussion of food policy and poverty while torching his cakehole? Yes. Yes he can.

“I think if you look at some of the topics of the day that people really care about, whether it’s the economy, whether it’s health care, whether it’s… ooh, that was hot… national security and the environment, food can fix all of that,” offers Colicchio when speaking with host Sean Evans.

It’s a bit less silly than previous go-arounds, but there’s still loads of valuable talk worth checking out ranging from Top Chef quickfire fare to the nitty gritty of tipping. Of course, the agony is still there, so if you’re in this for the pain, Tom Colicchio’s appearance should have you covered.

(Via First We Feast)

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