Visit All Seven Continents With Our Favorite Travel Vimeos

Travel inspiration can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s the itchy feet syndrom. Sometimes it’s just a deep need to escape — to change up the routine and find a new path.

Platitudes and dreams aside, it’s #TravelTuesday again. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest videos on Vimeo to stoke the fires of our collective wanderlust. We picked some spots from all corners of the globe and maybe one of them will give you the final push to find that escape hatch and strike out on the open road.

If not, then just enjoy some pretty pictures for a few minutes and de-stress.


Tumbling out of a train in Tokyo and shuffling up escalators to find a little whole-in-the-wall selling deeply satisfying ramen is a sense memory we all need to have in our lives. Tokyo is wild. It’s vibrant. It’s lush. It’s full of humanity. And this is the video to exemplify its unchecked vitality.


Travel isn’t always about the tourist’s attractions and monuments. Sometimes it’s about the people you meet. Take this video of people in Berlin as a reminder that a life lived well is life worth traveling for.


Cuba is so hot right now. The rest of the world has been in the loop for awhile now, but for us Americans it’s an enigma awaiting our prying eyes. One day it’ll be just another stop in El Carib for backpackers, cruisers, and jet setters. That day isn’t today. Go now, while Cuba still holds a bit of magic that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.


Ecuador has been making huge strides towards moving into a service economy based around tourism. They’ve rebuilt roads and train lines. They’ve preserved colonial architecture and indigenous cultures side-by-side. Oh, and they have one of the great wonders of the scientific and terrestrial world — The Galapagos. It’s a dynamic nation worth a wander.


It’s easy to say we all should climb a mountain some day. That’s just not a reality for some of us and it’s unfair to put that pressure on those of us who can only dream of such adventures. However we still can look on in awe at one of the most striking natural wonders on our planet. Kilimanjaro sits heavily on the east African Savannah, and this minimalist video takes you there.


It’s a long flight to Australia. Is it worth it? Of course. It’s the home of the Outback, reefs that are great, surfing, Aboriginal cultures, vibrant cities, and outstanding food and drink. The question after watching this video is how long you’re going to need to stay down under because going there one day soon is pretty much a given.


Antarctica is our planet’s final frontier. It rests at our southern pole and boasts natural wonders as thick as the ice sheets. There’s no where else on earth that will score you as much adventurer cred as a trek to Antarctica to traverse the ice and reach the South Pole. It is by far the most expensive journey on this sparse list, and maybe that’s a good thing — it keeps the masses at bay.

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