Aussie Electronic Musician Ukiyo Shares The First Stops On His Post-Pandemic Travel Wishlist

Though Tim Arnott, better known as the electronic musician Ukiyo, has made a name for himself by hanging in his home studio and is “fairly used to the concept” of spending the majority of his time indoors, he’s definitely getting tired of living that locked down quarantine lifestyle. At this point, he’s as eager to get back on the road as anyone else. So we linked up with the Australian producer and multi-instrumentalist on the heels of his newest single, “The Middle,” to ask what his first post-pandemic travel stops will be.

The results are refreshingly home-focused. Lucky for Ukiyo, his “home cities” are Sydney, Perth, and Freemantle, Australia — all just entering their summer season. And after a long, quiet quarantine, you can’t begrudge the man wanting to visit his local Apple Store. He spices up those picks by shouting out his dreams of grabbing his first slice of New York pizza, getting a drink at his favorite Indonesian surf bar, and visiting the country that inspired his name — Japan.

We seriously can’t wait until that moment we can safely board a plane and scan the geography of a place other than home from the side window. When that time comes, Ukiyo’s “The Middle,” with its pulsing motorik beat and slowly simmering arpeggio-generated energy, is sure to be part of our travel playlist. Check out the video for the track above and dive into Ukiyo’s post-pandemic travel plans below.

Moore & Moore cafe, Fremantle, Australia

I’ve really started to miss the sound of people chattering. I find I make a certain type of song if I take my laptop to a cafe and get the coffees flowing. I’m also an avid people watcher, so I need my fix there too.

The Apple Store, Perth, Australia

My goddamn laptop keeps randomly shutting down so this will be stop numero uno, for sure. It’s also certainly not my least favourite place in the world. Maybe I can convince them to upgrade me to one of those new 16 inch ones.

Luna on SX, Fremantle, Australia

Although I’ve pulled together a pretty decent little home theater setup to get me through the boredom, there’s definitely nothing better than the real thing. I’ve been struggling to find new movies I haven’t seen –if you’ve got any let me know, save me from doing another rewatch of Community.

If you visit Freemantle, Luna on SX plays the best movies — just make sure you’re not sitting in the front row or you’ll come away with a neck injury.

Single Fin Bali, Indonesia

The last time I was out of Australia I was in Bali making music with a group of really awesome musicians. We were meant to be heading back soon so hopefully it won’t be long until we’re mobile again. I finished this single when I was there last time!

I’ve never felt more on holiday than I did having a drink with that crew overlooking the ocean at Single Fin.

Joe’s Pizza, New York

I was meant to be finally heading to America for the first time in June, so I’m pretty bummed that didn’t pan out. Lots of people over there that have helped me get to where I am who I need to thank in person. Heard a thing or two about the pizza too, I’ll be trusting Casey Neistat’s recommendation and heading straight to Joe’s.

The Sand Dunes, Lancelin, Australia


This place is only a couple hours away from my home & has become my go-to place to get away and clear my mind. Crazy sand dunes that look like nothing on Earth, amazing beaches, and far enough from the city that you can see some stars.

Took all my photos for the new music there.

Studios 301, Sydney, Australia

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I haven’t really found writing sessions are for me up to this point but I do miss meeting all the super talented musicians over there and getting to know them a bit better in a studio. That being said, it’s been nice in a way that everyone’s been stuck collaborating online at the moment like us Perth musicians are nearly always stuck doing.

Kyoto, Japan

The #1 destination I’ve had on my to-do list for years now. As soon as this is all over and I’ve got a holiday I’ll be heading over there for a holiday. The name Ukiyo is actually a Japanese word for living in the moment and detaching yourself from everyday life, so heading over there for a little bit of that sounds incredible.