Walt Disney World And Universal Orlando Have Unveiled Their Summer Reopening Plans

On Wednesday, Walt Disney World unveiled its plans for a phased reopening of the Orlando Disney parks over the summer, along with SeaWorld who has plans to open their three Orlando parks on June 11th. Both theme parks follow Universal Studios Orlando’s lead, who announced a short-phased reopening that would begin on June 1st and open to the general public by June 5th.

This follows Disney reopening Shanghai Disneyland earlier this week with strict social distancing and hygiene rules in place. And if news reports of the park are any indication, people look ready to ride the teacups again in China.

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Back in Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Walt Disney World will reopen its Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks on July 11th, followed by Hollywood Studios and Epcot by July 15th.

All three theme park franchises will reopen with increased safety measures echoing those in Shanghai that include temperature checks, limited capacity, cashless payment options, and staggered parking, according to Deadline. Universal plans on closing all interactive play areas throughout their theme parks as well as remove water and mist elements from attractions, which might remind you that Universal Studios is always trying to throw mist your way any chance they get. What’s up with that?

According to the Orlando Sentinel, both SeaWorld and Disney World will require guests and employees to wear masks and include changes to the attraction line layouts in order to promote social distancing. Disney is also apparently developing a social-distancing squad, whose sole task will be reminding guests to keep a safe distancing between one another.

(Via Orlando Sentinel)