Looking To Buy Wine For Cheap? Here’s The Best Time To Do It

Sometimes the week just gets to you. Friday rolls around and you need that bottle of wine to wash away the last five days of drudgery and monotony. Turns out that buying a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer on the weekend is the worst time for your wallet. Ibotta, the coupon/rebate app for shopping, asked its user to turn in receipts so they could study spending patterns and find deals to optimize their app. 50,000,000 receipts and three years later they’ve come up with some good tips if you like tipping back some tipple.

Ibotta found that if you want to save money on wine you should buy it on Tuesdays, you’ll save 6 percent on average that day. Concurrently, shoppers who bought their beer on Mondays saved a whopping 9 percent over any other day. For both wine and beer the most expensive days were Saturday and Sunday. There was no word from Ibotta on the quality of the wine and beer you’d be buying to get those discounts.

Ibotta didn’t stop there. They also ran the numbers and found that grocery stores and liquor stores were the most expensive locations to pick up your beer and wine. According to Ibotta, “Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club had the best deals on wine overall. Walmart, Kroger, and Target are your best bets for the cheapest-priced beer.” So with a little planning ahead we all might be able to save a little on all that beer and wine for next weekend. And what can we do with all those savings…?

(via Cosmopolitan)