Aaron Rodgers (And His Dog) Nailed Their ‘John Wick’ Looks For Halloween

If there was any doubt that Aaron Rodgers is a hardcore John Wick fan, the Green Bay Packers quarterback went all-out this Halloween with a pretty accurate costume of Keanu Reeves’ master assassin. Not only did Rodgers nail the look, but he posed for a series of photos to match scenes from the movies and posters. Also, for some reason, he posed next to Bane, who we don’t remember being in the movies, but we wouldn’t be mad if he pops up in John Wick 4.

You can see Rodgers’ John Wick photoshoots below, and while his dog does make an appearance, don’t worry, no harm befouls any pups in this universe:

Rodgers is coming off a fan-favorite stint on Jeopardy! where he filled in as one of the rotating cast of guest hosts following Alek Trebek’s death. In fact, Rodgers loved it so much, that he would’ve absolutely said “yes” to being the full-time host if asked. Instead, he’s back on the gridiron throwing touchdowns to ice out the Bears.

As for the John Wick franchise, the fourth installment is currently in production, and the assassin series is getting ready to expand even further. A prequel series starring Mel Gibson (yeah…) is coming to Starz, and Ana de Armas is reportedly in talks to star in the spinoff project Ballerina.

(Via Aaron Rodgers on Instagram)