‘Deadpool’ Breaks The Fourth Wall With A Ferocious Lady-On-Lady Fight

Never let it be said that the Deadpool movie team doesn’t know how to keep the fires burning. These particular flames are so hot that you won’t even mind that fourth wall crashing around your feet. 20th Century Fox — with the help of a very game Ryan Reynolds (in the role he was always meant to play) — has hit every note during the promotion of this film. As the titular antihero, Reynolds has kept the exploits coming by not only keeping it real with fans but also acknowledging every single holiday (most recently Australia Day and a look ahead to Valentine’s Day) in character. Reynolds also kept the dirty jokes alive with a raunchy infomercial and by showing off the tush for two cheeky nods towards his audience.

Two weeks ahead of show time, Deadpool pulls out the big guns. He briefly softened up (for him) with a cancer PSA that may have saved a few lives while providing laughs. Here, Deadpool gives the audience what it really wants with a lady-on-lady fight. Gina Carano’s Angel Dust throws down with Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead for explosive results. We’ve already heard the texting joke, but this fight scene is righteous. Ultimately, the ladies get the job done while the dude stands around making jokes. There’s an art-imitating life point somewhere in there, but that’s not all…

Uhhhhh, have you seen this? Deadpool is soon hosting his own beauty pageant, and he has some other assorted goodies too.