‘The Fast And The Furious’ Will Be Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary In A Big Way

Excellent news for those of you that live life a quarter-mile at a time: 2016 will see an entry from the Fast and Furious series hitting the big screen. (This is also good news for those of you that live life at a quarter-mile’s metric equivalent.)

Deadline reports that The Fast and the Furious, the 2001 hit that started this franchise on its somewhat improbable journey, will be arriving in theaters once again to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Universal has bestowed a 1,500 theater limited re-release on the the Vin Diesel + Paul Walker + VRRRROOOOOOM! motion picture set to pop up once again on June 22. Maybe Bill Clinton will be at your screening!

The Universal brass are confident that the reintroduction of the Rob Cohen directed film will be a smash with fans, including those that were late or too young for the introductory lap of the Fast & Furious bandwagon.

“While we had the Back to the Future re-release synced to the day when Marty McFly and Doc Brown went back to the future on October 21, 2015, with The Fast and the Furious this is a case where it’s been 15 years and seven movies later,” said Universal distribution chief Nick Carpou, “The fanbase has grown exponentially, particularly in the social media age and the re-release provides an opportunity for the most recent generation of fans to experience the first film on the big screen for the first time.”

Meanwhile, the cast of the latest installment in the series have been hard at work on set doing exciting things with cool cars in lovely locations with an emphasis on “family” that would either delight or baffle Michael Bluth. Considering that Fast 8 is due out on April 14, 2017 with further sequels set to barrel into view in 2019 and 2021, a healthy bit of elbow grease will be needed to get these explosion happy offerings to your local movie house on time.

(via Deadline)