Netflix Gave A Peek At Their 2023 A-List Movie Slate, Including ‘Extraction 2,’ ‘Rebel Moon,’ And More ‘Knives Out’

2022 was definitely a year that happened! Despite some potential moral misfires and slight price adjustments, Netflix was able to hold its own throughout the year, thanks to viral movie moments and Daniel Craig in nautical wear. And now it’s on to the next one, though this year will have significantly fewer movies than the last two years, which averaged about one movie premiere a week. That seems excessive, anyway.

The streamer gave fans a first look at what to expect in the coming year of action movies, intense dramas, and more Adam Sandler murder mystery parties. Truly, there is something for everyone!

Kicking off 2023 will be Eddie Murphy’s You People with an all-star cast led by Murphy and featuring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Sam Jay, Elliott Gould, Travis Bennett, Molly Gordon, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, and Louis-Dreyfus, just to name a few. The comedy will premiere on January 27th.

Just in time for the most romantic holiday of the year (National Umbrella Day), Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon will lead the romantic comedy Your Place Or Mine, which debuts on February 10th. The preview also included a look at Idris Elba reprising his role as Detective John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun, which will premiere on March 10th. Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler will reunite in Murder Mystery 2, the sequel to the unexpected 2019 hit. Sandler and Aniston’s characters Nick and Audrey Spitz have returned to become full-time detectives, though they seem to be struggling to get their small business off the ground. It’s very relatable in the gig economy!

When it comes to action films, Chris Hemsworth’s long-awaited Extraction 2 will premiere on June 10th, just over three years since the first film in the franchise. The sequel was written by Joe Russo of The Russo Bros. fame and will bring back Tyler Rake on another high-stakes mission, this time set on a beautiful snowy mountain.

The second half of the year will bring They Cloned Tyrone, a sci-fi comedy starring John Boyega and Jamie Foxx, meanwhile Gal Gadot’s latest action thriller Heart Of Stone will land on the streamer on August 11th.

Other movies slated to drop this year include Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel dropping on October 10th, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans’ Pain Hustlers on October 27th, and Michael Fassbender’s The Killer, which will premiere on November 10th. Finally, Zack Snyder’s buzzy sci-fi epic Rebel Moon will land in December.

As for the yet-unannounced films, we do know that Netflix has that mighty deal with Rian Johnson, which means there will probably be some progress on the upcoming Knives Out installment in the coming year. Earlier this month, Johnson told Variety how he intends to craft the third installment. “I’m starting to work on the third movie now, and that’s also what’s got me creatively jazzed: I don’t have to replicate the last movie at all. The goal is to strike out in a completely new direction tonally and thematically.” There is a good chance some movement will happen this year, perhaps for a 2024 release. One can dream!

(Via Variety)