‘The New Mutants’ Fans Are Convinced That The Film Is Cursed After The Latest Release Date Delay

When No Time To Die became the first movie to change its release date in response to the coronavirus, it was only a matter of time until other films starting following suit. Granted, the tide held for about a week, but once Furious 9 toppled, it’s been dominos ever since.

This series of events has been particularly unfortunate for The New Mutants, which has been struggling to make its way into theaters for almost three years. After a series of delays, the mutant thriller seemed like it’d be a permanent casualty of the Fox/Disney merger, but in a surprising move, director Josh Boone was given a chance to release the film on April 3, 2020. It was finally happening, and for a moment, everything was going great. Fans loved the new trailer, Boone and star Maisie Williams were doing interview after interview, and then, bam, the movie went down, hand-in-hand with Mulan.

With the long-awaited supernatural take on the X-Men almost in their grasps, fans couldn’t believe The New Mutants was getting denied a theatrical release — again.

It also didn’t take long for the “New Mutant curse” to rear its head, and honestly, can anyone blame fans for thinking the film has dark forces working against it at this point?

However, others are ready to throw in the towel on a theatrical release, and are pleading with Disney to release the film on Disney+ or Hulu. Or at the very least, go straight to VOD release. They’ll pay for it!

So far, there are no official plans for how Disney will eventually release The New Mutants. As the coronavirus continues to spread, more movies are sure to see their release dates scuttled, and we’re already starting to see the virus affect film productions like Marvel’s Shang-Chi. It’s basically a waiting game at this point, which is something New Mutants fans should be very used to by now.

(Via THR)