Nic Cage Wants To Play An ‘Absolutely Terrifying’ Version Of The Batman Villain Egghead, So Of Course He Should

While promoting his upcoming magnum opus, The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, superstar Nicolas Cage has been giving nothing but perfect interviews. First, he has been gushing over his best friend, Merlin (his cat), and also admitted that he is goth. Now, he is campaigning to be in the next Matt Reeves’ Batman movie.

“We have this new [movie with] Robert Pattinson as The Batman, which I’m excited to see. I haven’t seen it yet but I think he would be terrific.” The actor told IGN. “The villain that Vincent Price played on the 60s show, Egghead, I think I want to have a go at Egghead. I think I can make him absolutely terrifying. And I have a concept for Egghead. So let them know over at Warner Bros., I’m down for Egghead.”

Egghead is known for having an egg-shaped head, and also stealing eggs. Cage would absolutely kill this. The villain appeared in a few various iterations of the Batman universe, including The Lego Batman Movie and the 60s Batman tv show starring Adam West.

Both Pattinson and Reeves have expressed interest in continuing the series, so this could actually become a thing. Maybe Cage can act alongside Pattinson’s favorite villain, The Condiment King. Let’s make it happen, Warner Bros.!