2 Chainz Plays Every Member Of His Own Band In The Funk-Flavored ‘Can’t Go For That’ Video

Lauded Atlanta video director Bryan Barber returns to guide the tongue-in-cheek video for 2 Chainz’s new So Help Me God single, “Can’t Go For That.” The Hall & Oates-sampling song takes its title from the yacht-rock duo’s 1981 Private Eyes single “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do),” while the video finds Chainz using the Barber go-to of having him play every member of a glitzy funk band, a la Andre 3000’s 2003 video for “Hey Ya!

However, Chainz embraces even more of the camp inherent in the video’s concept, utilizing some grainy green screen effects and setting the whole shebang on a low-budget set that really references the 1970s/late-80s aesthetic implied by the song’s sample. Each character’s name is some variation on the name Toni, with the only non-2 Chainz character in the video played by Atlanta comedian Lil Duval. The song’s guest vocalist Ty Dolla Sign missed the video shoot but Chainz’s “Toné” character is a reliable stand-in.

So Help Me God appeared today after a rollout that included a pushback and the singles “Quarantine Thick” featuring Mulatto and “Money Maker” with Lil Wayne.

Watch the “Can’t Go For That” video above.

So Help Me God is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.