42 Dugg And EST Gee Flex Like Their Lives Depend On It In The Lustrous ‘Rose Gold’ Video

At this point, it feels like you know what you’re getting with a video from Yo Gotti’s CMG camp. There will be cars, jewelry, stacks of cash, and perhaps most importantly, squads of scantily clad women twerking for the street-bred rappers signed to the label. When there are multiple CMG rappers involved, as there are in 42 Dugg‘s “Rose Gold” video featuring EST Gee, these trappings will be doubled to account for the additional rap star’s benefit.

Dugg and Gee do what they do best on the song, flexing their hard-won block credentials and the fruits of their success — both in the rap game and their “extracurricular” activities. The two rising stars do have undeniable chemistry together, which fits as both were hand-picked by Yo Gotti as the future of trap-inspired street rap. The two Midwestern spitters do similar things but in vastly different ways, with Dugg’s slippery flow reflecting the loose relationship between beat and rap cadence characteristic of rap artists from his hometown, Detroit, and EST Gee’s choppier approach evoking his fellow Louisvillians’ more precise attack.

“Rose Gold” is one of the 23 original tracks on Dugg’s latest mixtape, Free Dem Boyz, which is out now on CMG and Lil Baby’s 4PF label, along with “4 Da Gang,” “Maybach,” and “Turnest N**** In The City.”

Watch 42 Dugg’s “Rose Gold” video featuring EST Gee above.