50 Cent Told Eminem Not Respond To Nick Cannon’s Diss Tracks

Just last month, hip-hop’s normally quiet ride out the end of the year was interrupted by the renewed war of words between Eminem and Nick Cannon, a war that in fact dates back to 2009. After Eminem targeted Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey on his “Lord Above” feature from Fat Joe’s Family Ties album, calling Cannon “whipped” and “neutered” by Carey, Cannon fired away with three consecutive diss tracks, “The Invitation,” “Pray for Him,” and “Canceled: Invitation.” Each one came and went without any response from Em and today we know 50 Cent is to blame.

During a press tour day with ABC, 50 Cent stopped to talk with The Wrap to discuss to short-lived war between Em and Cannon. “I told him don’t even say nothing to him,” he said. “The record is terrible.” 50 didn’t stop short, continuing to take his own shots at Cannon. “You can’t argue with a fool. When you understand that a person is not registering even when they’re losing, then the argument goes forever. So you should just stop.”

By quenching the fire that was the Nick Cannon-Eminem beef, 50 Cent may have quite possibly deprived the hip-hop world of some more entertainment, but it may have been better off that way.