Azealia Banks Slams Kanye West’s Treatment Of Kim Kardashian And Says ‘Too Many Excuses’ Are Being Made For Him

For the past few days, Kanye West has been airing out his issues with Kim Kardashian, and they mostly relate to their children. In one instance, Kanye criticized Kim for letting North West use TikTok against his will. He also claimed Kim tried to “kidnap” their daughter, and days later, he claimed that she would not let him bring their kids to Chicago for a basketball game. While Kanye has received support from far right pundit Candace Owens, Azealia Banks is not coming to his defense at all. In fact, the singer took a moment to share a lengthy message criticizing his behavior and treatment of Kim Kardashian.

“Y’all are making way too many excuses for Kanye,” she said to began her message which she posted on her Instagram Story. “This is the second time he has publicly bullied North West. First with the abortion sh*t, and now putting her on blast on his Instagram page as if she’s some sort of criminal.” She continued, “Kanye had no problem with that magazine cover where North had on a f*cking belly top and purple eyeliner with her little buds showing thru the shirt, he thought it was fashion. You all said nothing.”

Banks went on to accuse Kanye of trying to “wreck the mental health of the only person around to care for children” while criticizing him for his new relationship with Julia Fox. Banks also suggested that Kanye was going through “rapid opioid/heroin comedown/withdrawal type outbursts.”

“Kanye is an abusive psychopath, it’s beyond mental illness,” she said. “Stop trying to help him and start trying to help the poor child that he keeps on trying to embarrass and abuse publicly to garner sympathy for his ashy ass.”