Bad Bunny Fans Are Furious With The Grammys Over Their Closed-Captioning During His Speech And Performance

Bad Bunny set the bar high for the 2023 Grammys by kickstarting the broadcast with performances of “Titi Me Pregunto” and “Despues De La Playa,” which had everyone at Arena attempting to merengue dance. But CBS’ closed-captioning dampened the otherwise awesome moment.

As Bad Bunny was reminding everyone why he’s the biggest artist on the planet right now, closed-captioning read, “[SINGING IN NON-ENGLISH].” The same thing happened when Bunny spoke in his native Spanish while accepting the award for Best Música Urbana Album (Un Verano Sin Ti).

The lack of inclusivity did not go over well.

“Seeing [SPEAKING IN NON-ENGLISH] in closed captions in 2023 is a great reminder that a lot of us can’t separate our accessibility from our culture, which is why those conversations need to be inclusive as all hell,” Adweek’s Shannon Miller tweeted.

Miller was joined by countless others in pointing out the disappointing misstep:

Bunny was also nominated for Album Of The Year, which controversially went to Harry Styles, and Best Pop Solo Performance (“Moscow Mule”). Despite losing out on those awards, it didn’t seem to dampen his mood at all based on how he posed for photos with Taylor Swift.

Watch Bad Bunny’s Best Música Urbana Album acceptance speech below.