Bleu And Nicki Minaj Have ‘Love In The Way’ On Their New Collaboration

Bleu is back with another afro-fusion banger. Joined by Nicki Minaj, a longtime dream collaborator of his, Bleu attempts to move on from a past relationship. The only issue is, that memories of Bleu’s ex keep getting in the way.

“Baby, your love in the way / But don’t stop it, just keep doin’ what you do / How could I move with your love in my way? / It hurts to love again, and it’s all because of you / ‘Cause baby, your love in the way,” he sings on the song’s infectious, bouncy chorus.

Known for her clever wordplay and sharp pen game, Minaj opens the song with a quick, catchy verse, rapping, “You blew it / I could tell you knew it / But you was like ‘Screw it’ / and I guess I’m fluid’ / Cause I was like, ‘F*ck you and them b*tches included’ / ‘Cause I was goin’ through it / Ain’t nothin’ more to it.”

As the song promises to be an instant hit, it is the result of manifestation. Bleu spoke the collaboration with Minaj into existence over a year ago via Twitter.

Bleu has previously collaborated with Drake and Lil Wayne, making his recent collaboration with Minaj a completion of Young Money’s iconic leading trinity.

Check out “Love In The Way” above.