Blueface Is Apparently Renting Out His Mansion On Airbnb

As the live entertainment shutdown continues, artists must continue finding creative ways to boost their income. While some, like Cardi B and Tyga, adopted the OnlyFans approach, and others like Blimes And Gab or Run The Jewels, rely on TV money from song placements and sponsored concerts, others are innovating any way they can. Take LA rapper Blueface, who rode high last year on the success of his single “Thotiana” but has nowhere to perform it now.

To offset the loss of performance revenue, it appears Blueface has listed his “Blue Girls Club” mansion on Airbnb — with three bedrooms and two-and-half baths — for $2,500 a night. The mansion itself has been the site of Blueface’s latest project which is incidentally also hosted on his OnlyFans: an unofficial reboot of the popular Vh1 reality show Bad Girls Club, which seems like mostly an excuse for Blueface to hang out in the house with a group of uninhibited women and watch them get into fights. However, he maintains on his social media that he has not added them to his boastful total of women he’s had sex with.

For what it’s worth, Blueface isn’t the only rap star making use of Airbnb. In September, Will Smith gave fans the opportunity to stay at his Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air mansion.