Blxst And Roddy Ricch’s Honorable ‘Passionate’ Video Salutes The Hustle And Grind

Uproxx placed Blxst’s four-song EP Just For Clarity 2 among the Best New Hip-Hop released the week of March 10, writing, “Is California rhythmic crooner Blxst a rapper or a singer? And once again, the answer remains: Who cares? His upbeat ruminations on love, lust, and loyalty work equally well through either lens.”

The video for “Passionate” featuring Roddy Ricch, one of the EP’s four tracks, arrived on Thursday (April 6) and features all of the above.

Roddy begins by singing about being “too passionate” and reminiscing about “days we wasn’t having sh*t” from the hard-earned perspective of wealth.

“I been too passionate / but when I ride the ‘Rari I ain’t ever gon’ fasten sh*t,” Ricch raps while surrounded by luxury sports cars outside of a mansion at night. “And when my b*tch inside it, she don’t like when I go fast and sh*t / Motor in the hood sound just like a dragon, b*tch / And I put that on my momma / I ain’t gone raise a bastard son / He ain’t gon’ have to pick up sticks, he ain’t gon’ have the drum  / He’ll know his daddy had a motherf*ckin’ platinum run.”

Footage of a Blxst live performance splices across the screen before Blxst starts his verse overlooking a vast landscape under blue skies and sun, correlating with “This ain’t overnight / I woke up with no ceiling / I made a vision come to life, I’m Cole Bennett.”

Just For Clarity 2 was rounded out by “Keep Calling” with Larry June, “Call My Bluff,” and “Ghetto Cinderella” featuring Mustard and Terrace Martin.

Watch the “Passionate” video above.

Roddy Ricch is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.