Cardi B Takes Credit For Candace Owens’ Popularity: ‘I Gave That Bitch Two Million Followers’

In a new interview with Billboard, Cardi B takes credit for the success of one of her biggest critics, conservative commentator Candace Owens. The raunchy rapper has gotten into Twitter tiffs with conservative pundits multiple times over the years, as they’ve realized that poking the bear provides them even greater exposure when Cardi claps back.

But in her new interview, Cardi says moments like this are what prompted her to pursue an alternative outlet for her opinions leading her to OnlyFans, where she can “curse out” haters to her heart’s content. Explaining why OnlyFans appealed to her, Cardi observes, “There are certain things that I want to get more personal on, and I don’t want to get on Instagram Live and talk about it because blogs are gonna chop it up. There’s certain people I want to curse out, but I don’t want to give them clout. For example, when me and Candace Owens got into an argument, I gave that bitch 2 million followers.”

While a number of conservatives have needled Cardi over the years, especially this year in the wake of her “WAP” success, Owens especially has made it a point to pursue a feud with the Bronx rapper, jabbing on multiple occasions. In 2019, Owens challenged Cardi to a public debate, deriding Cardi’s support of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and criticism of Donald Trump’s administration. Cardi shot down the challenge on Twitter, telling Owens to advocate for her own candidate rather than worry about Cardi.

This year, Owens doubled down after Cardi interviewed Joe Biden in a separate political awareness campaign once Biden had won the Democratic nomination. Owens denounced Cardi’s music, saying it “contributes to the disintegration of Black culture and values” — whatever the hell that means — prompting Cardi to respond with a video of her sister Hennessey being harassed by Trump supporters at the beach. While Owens mocked
Cardi’s hastily typed clap back, Cardi pointed out that Owens’ support of Trump ran counter to her own position on supporting Black people while giving her a lesson on tax policy and how the federal budget works. Cardi also buried Owens under her own words, digging up Candace’s old tweets supporting Cardi and pointing out her hypocrisy.

Read Billboard’s full feature here.