Every Song Off Cardi B’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Has Gone Platinum, Setting An Impressive Record

Cardi B is popular. She’s popular with the hip-hop heads because she’s got real bars peppered all over her debut album, Invasion Of Privacy. She’s popular with pop fans, because she knows how to turn out a hook like almost nobody else. She’s popular with moms, because she’s a mom, and she’s popular with young women because of the way she speaks her mind and never backs down from the haters. In other words, pretty much everyone on the planet has found a reason to love this woman, that’s just how charismatic she is. So it’s not really actually that surprising that she’s once again set the kind of record that no one else has achieved yet.

Every single song off Cardi’s debut album, Invasion Of Privacy, has now gone platinum. So for anyone who wanted to claim back in the day that “Bodak Yellow” was just a one-hit wonder, well, it’s quite the opposite; in fact, every single song this woman has put out is a hit. When the news broke, Cardi tweeted about it, and let listeners know that she is still working on her long-awaited follow-up project. “AMAZING ….can’t wait for my second album. Thanks for all the love & support,” she wrote.

We can’t wait for that second album, either! Be sure to stay up to date with Cardi B news & albums so you don’t miss any big updates!