Cardi B And Chadwick Boseman Are Either Cousins Or Married In Their ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Cardi B has a lot to be happy about right now: Her debut album, Invasion Of Privacy, is out now, she’s going to be co-hosting The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon next week, and before that, she’ll be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman is hosting the episode, and now the weekly promos featuring the two (and Leslie Jones) have been shared.

In the clips, Cardi looks as happy and giddy as ever. In one of the clips, Jones asks Cardi what the B in her name stands for, to which she replies, “Boseman.” Through one of her signature goofy laughs, she says, “We cousins,” and after Jones suggests they might be married, she turns her signature charm on even higher when Boseman puts his arm around her and she says, “I is?” before making some on-brand Cardi B noises. Just don’t let Offset see you, Boseman.

If Cardi makes time during the broadcast to appear in a sketch or two, it wouldn’t be her first collaboration of the week: It initially seemed like she’d mostly be flying solo on Invasion Of Privacy based on the tracklist she shared, but it turns out the record includes surprise features from SZA, Chance The Rapper, and others.

Watch the SNL promo above.