Cardi B Wins Her Libel Case Against YouTuber Tasha K

Cardi B won her libel case against YouTube blogger Tasha K today, according to TMZ. Tasha — also known as Latasha Kebe — was found liable on three claims of libel and ordered to pay at least $1 million to Cardi B for alleging Cardi had been a prostitute and a drug addict and had contracted an STI. Cardi sued Tasha in 2019 after the vlogger refused to delete the videos in which she made the claims. Tasha countersued, but her own case was struck down, and after a week-long trial in which Cardi claimed Tasha’s comments made her suicidal, Cardi emerged triumphantly.

With her libel case out of the way, Cardi might just be able to turn her attention to the impending release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, which she said is coming sometime this year. Earlier this month, she showed off the studio where she’s supposedly recording the new album, joking that it was “ghetto.”

Meanwhile, her own experiences probably informed her recent defense of other stars from internet bullying. Last year, she defended both Lizzo and Lil Kim from online trolls, and earlier this year, she spent some time trying to refute claims from fellow rapper Cuban Doll, who accused her husband Offset of infidelity (again).