Chance The Rapper Weighs In On Who Would Win An Elmo And Barney ‘Verzuz’ Battle

The Verzuz series of livestream battles has become one of the highlights of virtual entertainment during the pandemic, and so far, some great artists have been matched up to compare their discographies. Yesterday, though, a Twitter user sparked perhaps the greatest debate related to the franchise so far. Sharing photos of Barney and Sesame Street icon Elmo, they asked, “Verzuz track for track, who y’all got?” The tweet got a lot of replies, including some from Chance The Rapper.

Answering the original tweet, somebody offered, “What the f*ck is Elmo gone play when Barney drops ‘Clean Up’ or ‘I Love You’??? Barney in 4.” Chance couldn’t help but chime in, responding, “Elmos World, Together Forever. And if he play his [features] its a done deal.”

Journalist Charles Preston then entered the chat, replying to Chance, “Barney got sleepers, champ. He got ‘Bubble bath’ in the tuck with a severely underrated PB&J song. We not even talking about the Baby Bop features.” Chance fired back, “The feature game not gon be kind to Barney. He got some joints wit Bj and Baby Bop. Elmo got sum joint wit the Street. but thats just talkin puppets and mascots. ELMO GOT HITS WITH ALL THE GREATS.” The tweet also featured a video of an En Vogue guest appearance on the show.

Preston had a brilliant retort to that, though: “That’s not fair. That’s like DJ Khaled vs Lauryn Hill. lol. We gotta say no to the features. Sesame Street had the budget!” Chance was left speechless at that comeback, as he just responded with three crying emojis.

Indeed, Elmo has worked with some greats. Just since 2019, he has collaborated with Lil Nas X, Kacey Musgraves, Dave Grohl, and, yes, Chance himself, although instead of a song, they put on an ill-fated theatrical production with Cookie Monster.