Cordae Tries To Spark A Workplace Romance In His ‘Chronicles’ Video With HER Lil And Durk

I rarely Monday morning quarterback rappers’ album rollouts (read: constantly), but if there was anything I think Cordae could have done differently in promoting his new album From A Bird’s Eye View, it would be to make “Chronicles” the lead single. The track is just a winner, finding a soulful pocket where he and guests HER and Lil Durk can relay their relatable narratives of romance with a catchy chorus and magnetic chemistry. Fortunately, Cordae is still highlighting the nostalgic track, releasing the moonlit music video today after a short tease on social media.

The video is similarly cozy, revolving around a diner at night, where patrons and employees do their best to spark romantic connections. Cordae plays one of the line cooks, kicking game to a pretty waitress, while HER is there on a date with her own boo thang. Meanwhile, Lil Durk hangs out in the parking lot, hatting up his own romantic interest, and all three perform from atop the hood of a kitted-out convertible.

While it could be argued that “Chronicles” is among the strongest tracks on the album alongside “C Carter” (in fact, I do argue as much in my review of the album), the two singles, “Super” and “Sinister” with Lil Wayne, at least showcased Cordae’s deft lyricism and delivery, and his live performances for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and The Tonight Show gave an intriguing preview of his upcoming From A Bird’s Eye View tour.

Watch the “Chronicles” video above.

From A Bird’s Eye View is out now via Atlantic. Stream it here.