Cuban Doll Turns The Car Wash Into Twerk Central In Her Bouncy ‘Drug Dealer’ Video

When Cuban Doll and Sukihana take over a local car wash for their “Drug Dealer” video, the raunchy Dallas-based rappers transform it from a simple wash ‘n’ wax to a full-service nightclub. While the green wigged Sukihana twerks her way through a butt injection in the back, Blocboy JB makes a cameo appearance, buying iced-out chains and watches at the cashier counter.

Cuban and Sukihana put on an exhibition in the wash itself, dancing atop the candy painted automobiles being serviced and giving lap dances to the employees. Throughout, the pair trade sex-filled rhymes that could make legends like Trina and Lil Kim blush, asserting that they need “a drug dealer” rich enough to make all their dreams come true.

Cuban Doll is a part of a fresh generation of young, sexually-empowered women in rap borrowing from the blueprint of the carefree Cardi B, the confident Nicki Minaj, and other predecessors such as the aforementioned Trina.

While their raps may be too explicit for radio play in some places, they’ve learned to leverage the potential of streaming services to embrace an independent ethos of promotion, growing their fanbases organically through social media and Youtube. Cuban especially leapt to the forefront of the movement with the release of her first mixtape, Aaliyah Keef, at the start of the year. The title references two of her greatest artistic influences and serves as an alias helping to differentiate between Cuban and her fellow plastic peers, Asian Doll and Kash Doll, who have been making waves of their own.