French Montana’s Kendrick Lamar Comments Have Sparked A Feud With Young Thug

French Montana has found himself at the center of a maelstrom of unwelcome attention after claiming that he has more hits in his catalog than Kendrick Lamar does. After doubling down on the comments on Twitter in the face of fan backlash, he’s now drawn the ire of folks from within the rap game — namely Young Thug, who couldn’t help posting his reaction on Instagram Live, sparking a feud between Thug and French.

“Stupid ass n**** said he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar,” Thug said, smirking into his camera. “Fool.”

French naturally took umbrage to Thug’s reaction, posting videos and tweets sniping at everything from Thug’s wardrobe, issue another challenge to Thug to put up his own 20 best hits in a livestream battle. “You must have fell on your head or them jeans you got on too tight,” he jibed. “I still got a full computer full of your hooks. You been on my dick since day one.” He also theorized that Young Thug must be going broke.

For his part, Thug seemed to only want French to “get out your feelings.” He did, however seem annoyed by Montana’s diss at his dress, since he said he only pulled it on special occasions and thought “it was all love.” Thug asserted that he gets no clout from arguing from French on the internet. “It ain’t that serious,” he said.

If these are just hype promos for a forthcoming Instagram battle, they are certainly great ones; French and Thug are both trending on Twitter with mentions in the thousands. However, there is one aspect that seems indisputable at this point: Kendrick Lamar definitely has way more hits than French, who might be better served trading songs with someone like Thug, who’s also got a pretty serviceable collection of both hood and radio favorites.

Check out the whole back-and-forth above.

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