DaBaby Expresses His Support For Donald Trump: ‘Trump Is A Gangsta, He Let Kodak Out’

DaBaby was deemed charismatic and personable at the onset of his mainstream consciousness. His fun rap songs matched his silly demeanor and southern drawl. Most of all, he simply didn’t say anything off-putting that would offend a large community of people. That changed last year at Rolling Loud 2021, when he made multiple homophobic comments and surprised attendees by bringing out Tory Lanez, who has been all but blackballed after his ongoing legal battle with Megan Thee Stallion. DaBaby’s reputation continually soured as he double down on both actions and his recent comments about Donald Trump in his July 22 appearance on Full Send Podcast may not help his case.

The show’s host Kyle Forgeard asked the “Rockstar” rapper how he feels about the former United States President, to which DaBaby emphatically replied “Do I f*** with Trump? Now, hell yeah.” Forgeard followed up by asking “What made you f*** with him?” and the North Carolina artist answered with “Trump is a gangsta. N**** let Kodak out,” in reference to Trump pardoning Florida rapper Kodak Black on his final day in office.

Forgeard and his co-host added how Trump also pardoned Lil Wayne, to which DaBaby expressed relief. He pivoted his commentary to the media, saying “Media make an ant look like a f***** dinosaur.” The Full Send hosts then asked if he saw their interview with Donald Trump on the show which was deleted just 12 hours after its release.

Image repair doesn’t seem to be on DaBaby’s agenda, so time will tell what these comments add to his currently negative perception.

Check out the clip of DaBaby’s interview with Full Send Podcast above.