DaniLeigh’s Brother Is Reportedly Suing DaBaby For Assault, Battery, And More

Last week, a video surfaced of DaBaby and his crew in a fight with DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills, who was born Brandon Curiel. The incident took place at Corbin Bowl, a bowling alley in Topanga, California, and it came after multiple disputes between DaBaby and DaniLeigh, who have a child together. During the fight, Bills was punched, grabbed and swung around by his hair, and repeatedly thrown to the ground. Now, Bills is seeking compensation, suing DaBaby for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

In the documents, Bills said he was attacked by DaBaby and his crew without warning after walking by them in the bowling alley. Before the fight, Bills threatened to fight DaBaby due to his ill treatment of DaniLeigh. “When you come to the West Coast, bro, which I know you be out here, you’re going to catch this one-on-one fade, bro,” Bills said in a video he shared back in November. “One-on-one fade to see what happens between me and you. I want to see how gangsta you are, to see how much of a real man you are.”

Bills’ lawsuit comes after DaBaby was reportedly placed under investigation as a result of the incident. Local authorities are investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon, focusing on him allegedly kicking Bills in the head during the fight.