Davido’s Triumphant ‘Unavailable’ Video Marks The Long-Awaited Return Of A King

Davido deserves all the good coming his way since Timeless, his fourth studio album, arrived on March 31. The project earned “the most first-day streams ever for an African album on Apple Music,” as noted by Apple Music on April 3, and Davido was glowing while performing a medley of “Feel” and “Unavailable” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last week.

It all comes weeks after Davido announced Timeless alongside a message thanking his fans for their support as he grieved his three-year-old son, who passed away in a drowning accident last fall.

“There is a time for everything. A time to Grieve and a time to Heal,” Davido wrote on March 21. “A time to Laugh and a time to Dance. A time to Speak and A time for Silence. Thank you to everyone out there for your love and support that has held me down. All the love and messages while I was away, the gifts sent, the concerts you all threw! I appreciate it all. Today, I want to remind you all that what is now Timeless, was once new. It’s time for new.”

Tuesday, April 11, was the time for the video for “Unavailable” featuring Musa Keys to drop. Directed by Dammy Twitch, it begins with various people tuning into a radio host saying, “I’m here to say the King Of Afrobeats is back, baby! I’m talking about Davido. He’s back with a brand new album, and I’m talking hit after hit. Thank you, Davido.”

Davido is dripping in the uninhibited joy possessed by someone who is, in fact, back, baby — dancing without a care in the world.

Davido explained on Instagram that “Unavailable” is “our first visual for Timeless so this one means a lot to me. Just know the work we’re putting into this album and all that’s to come is for you! We gotta go all out so we’re just getting started. Special thank you to my @martellofficial family for the role they played in making this movie. We are back better and stronger ! More surprises with them on the way.”

Watch the “Unavailable” video above.