Denzel Curry Channels A Trap Lord On The Fiery First Single From His New Album ‘Zuu’

Getty Image

Denzel Curry is less than a year removed from his well-received 2018 album Ta13oo, but he’s already back with the announcement of its follow-up, which he’ll put out before the month ends. The new album is called Zuu and on its fiery first first single, the chameleon-like Curry again switches his sound up for an interesting, Rick Ross-esque take on his Florida environs called “Speedboat.” Check it out below.

The twelve-song album will also include Curry’s most recent release, “Ricky,” as well guest appearances from Ice Billion Berg, Kiddo Marv, PlayThatBoiZay, Sam Sneak, and fittingly, Rick Ross himself. That final, big-name contribution and the more radio-friendly trap on “Speedboat” may signal that Curry is looking for a little more mainstream love, which he clearly deserves and is beginning to earn. Ta13oo, his third studio album, peaked at No. 28 on the Billboard 200, earning him widespread critical acclaim and attention from some new musical peers as he began to shed the “Soundcloud rapper” tag he’d been labeled with early in his career (not all the way, though; Soundcloud sonic magician Ronny J still provided the beat for “Switch It Up”).

Denzel will now be joining emerging, 17-year-old singer-songwriter Billie Eilish on tour this summer, which should certainly raise his profile and that of Zuu. He also recently completed his “Black Balloon” trilogy with “Black Balloons Reprise” from Flying Lotus’ upcoming album, Flamagra.