Does Spotify Have The Explicit Version Of Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs?’

After months of teasing the project through his clothing choices, hair accessories, and onstage announcements, Drake’s highly anticipated solo album For All The Dogs has been uploaded to streaming services. The 23-track body of work features the singles “Slime You Out” featuring SZA, “8AM In Charlotte,” and his long-rumored collaborative records with Bad Bunny and J. Cole. So, does Spotify have the explicit version?

During the record’s rollout, Drake has given exclusives to various platforms. For example, his official video for “8AM In Charlotte,” starring his son Adonis Graham, was first uploaded to social media. On SiriusXM’s Sound 42 station, curated by the rapper’s OVO Sounds label, fans were treated to other goodies. Did Spotify receive any bonus materials? Unfortunately, not. However, the streaming giant does offer two listening experiences of the album.

Once logged into Spotify, two For All The Dogs editions will appear on Drake’s musician profile. The default displayed album is considered the clean version for some users, as no parental advisory label is printed on the cover art. Also, the explicit language marker is absent next to each track. However, if you select the option ‘Album’ and then go to ‘Show All,’ the explicit version of For All The Dogs will be unveiled for accounts without age restrictions.

Take a listen to the explicit version of For All The Dogs below.