Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Release Date May Have Been Revealed With A Little Help From The Rapper’s Braids

Take the following news with a grain of salt. We may finally have an idea of when Drake’s new album For All The Dogs is scheduled to come out. While previously speculated dates turned out to be very wrong — and we were admonished that we should really know better by Lil Yachty, of all people — people just can’t help but try to predict Drake’s moves like whodunit fans trying to guess the murderer before the investigators figure it out.

This time, the clues come in the form of some fascinating hair decorations. Drake’s been sporting braids lately, and was seen backstage at his latest It’s All A Blur show with a collection of brightly colored number barrettes dangling from them. There’s a zero, a nine, and two twos, which fans have interpreted as “09/22” — i.e. September 22, the possible release date for Drake’s hotly anticipated eighth studio album.

If the project should drop on September 22 as conjectured by fans, that gives Drake a little over two weeks to drop a single or reveal the tracklist and features for it. So far, the only things we know for sure are that his son Adonis drew the cover art and his longtime friend Nicki Minaj is set to appear on it. It looks like we’ll see whether the album is really due on 9/22 sooner or later, but Drake’s fans may want to hold off on getting too excited until he explicitly states when the album is dropping.