Will Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Get Delayed Again?

For month’s “Slime You Out,” rapper Drake has steadily built the buzz around his forthcoming solo album, For All The Dogs. On Saturday, July 22, the official rollout of the upcoming release began when Drake was photographed outside his hotel wearing a dog mask. Since then, he has kept his fans in the loop for each significant milestone surrounding the body of work.

Initially, supporters were led to believe that For All The Dogs would hit streaming platforms on August 25. However, during his It’s All A Blur Tour stop in Seattle, Washington, Drake told fans that he had finished the final touches. So, will the album get delayed again? Based on his latest Instagram post, Drake appears ready to go.

Yesterday (October 2), Drake uploaded a graphic to reveal that another taste of the project would be unveiled soon. “TABLE FOR ONE on SOUND 42 @siriusxm Thursday at 9 p.m. EST 🐩,” wrote Drake. Seemingly, it appears that his next single, titled “Table For One,” will be premiered on his specially curated radio show.

Through his colorful hair accessories interlocked into his braids, Drake suggested that on September 22, For All The Dogs would be made public. However, that turned out to be another misdirection. But, according to Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, and fellow rapper Lil Yachty, the wait will ultimately be worth it.