Doja Cat’s Newly Announced ‘Demons’ Single And Latest Tattoo Has Users Online Begging Her To Step Away From The Dark Side

When Doja Cat returned from her brief musical hiatus with a new single, “Attention,” few could have expected the wave of controversies that would soon follow. For weeks, the public has criticized Doja for her rumored relationship with J Cyrus, her latest body art, and more. But even after losing over $250,000 followers on Instagram, she has no regrets. In fact, she recently revealed that she finally feels free to be her true self.

Despite this, Doja’s remaining fans’ concerns have continued to grow. Her newly announced single and her reported new tattoo aren’t helping to ease any of their anxiety. Following her previously shared track, “Paint The Town Red,” Doja is reportedly gearing up to drop her next single, titled “Demons,” soon. In the cover art for the song, Doja appears to be sporting black body paint from head to toe as she walks a ceiling.

After Doja shared images of her anatomical bat tattoo, fans called the piece demonic. Doja quickly clapped back with a history lesson before replying, “Your fear is not my problem.” To troll people who continued to criticize her, in her video for “Paint The Town Red,” she appeared side-by-side with the grim reaper. A screenshot captured by Saycheese showed another new tattoo, this one of a scythe behind her ear.

Fans immediately chimed in after the images were shared by the outlet. One wrote, “She needs to stop at this point.”

Another said, “She’s not even looking healthy, and she’s continuously making herself look more scarier.”

“Someone should check on her,” added another.

Doja Cat hasn’t spoken about her latest body modification, but with The Scarlet Tour starring her set to start soon, don’t be surprised if her extensive collection grows further.