Doja Cat Is An intergalactic Diva In The ‘Get Into It (Yuh) Video

Just like Ariana Grande before her, there’s nothing Doja Cat loves more than an intergalactic moment. The pop/rap/R&B star is still slowly but surely doling out videos from her extremely successful 2021 album Planet Her, and tonight she’s shared a video from one of the record’s deep cuts, “Get Into It (Yuh).” And speaking of Ariana, she gets more than just a nod in the album title track — which features a spelled out version of signature “yuh” adlib — but also in the lyrics when Doja commands: “y’all b*tches better “yuh” like Ariana.”

Nothing we love more than when the girls are getting along! That’s how masterful pop culture moments like the “34 + 35” remix video come along. Anyway, in her own video for the track, Doja is a diva in all kinds of space suit getups, alternating between ruling a crew of musical women in a spacecraft, fighting off aggressive alien interlopers, and dancing alone in what looks like a space station elevator shaft. What has this evil boss done? Stolen a beloved cat, one of the most heinous crimes in the entire galaxy. Don’t worry though, just like she’s winning down here on earth, Doja gets the best of him in the end. Watch the clip above.