Drake Rounded Up All The Bras That Have Been Thrown At Him On Tour (Of Which There Are Many) For An Impressive Photo

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Drake and 21 Savage’s It’s All A Blur tour hasn’t been the music, the production, or anything performance-related like that, but the bras. A lot of brassieres have been thrown Drake’s way during the trek, and now he’s rounded them all up for a fun photo.

In the photo shared earlier today (September 6), Drake smiles with his arm spread wide. Behind him is a grid of bras, presumably all the ones that have been thrown at him on tour. Doing some quick math based on what can be seen in the photo, it appears Drake is posing with at least 600 bras.

Drake captioned the post, “Remember when we both forgot who the f*ck I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one.”

On his Instagram Story, Drake also shared a video of a couple of workers unloading all the bras from the bin onto the floor, in preparation for the photo.

Some of the bras Drake has received have left him notably impressed. After seeing one, he exclaimed, “36G?! Locate this woman immediately.” In response to another bra, he said, “This is your mother’s bra that you brought to the show? Where is your mama at? You gotta send her my love. And by the way, you gotta send her my love, and you gotta tell her to get Instagram ASAP.”