The Latest Bra Drake Caught Onstage Was Almost Bigger Than He Is

It didn’t take long for Drake’s It’s All A Blur Tour to generate what might be the wildest running joke between the star and his fans in his decade-long career to date. After a recent spate of concertgoers throwing objects at performers, Drake made the request to only throw bras at him for the duration of his tour. Since then, he’s received ever more ridiculous offerings, including one from a woman with a 36G bust who received offers from OnlyFans and Playboy after his amazed response.

And while he asked fans to take a night off in LA recently out of respect for his five-year-old son’s first concert, the temporary ceasefire ended in extravagant fashion at his next one. During a break in his most recent show, he held up a massive pink bra so big it was almost as long from clip-to-clip as he is tall (for the record, Drake clocks in at 6’0″ in real life, not just on Google). In it was a note he said he couldn’t read out loud as he joked, “This might be the end of a saga.” He quickly discovered, however, that it was actually a gag gift from his dad Dennis, and the card actually bore a (sort of) sweet message: “Wishing big things for you. I love you, and making sure you are breastfed forever,” prompting Drake to chuckle as he wondered, “What’s wrong with you?” Check out the video below.