Drake Won’t Get Married Anytime Soon For Several Reasons, Including, As He Put It: ‘I’m Not, Like, Amish’

Drake’s rapper’s rumored girlfriend, Lilah Pi, might want to plan her exit. After the rapper’s awkward appearance on TikTok influencer Bobbi Althoff’s The Really Good podcast, he opened up about his outlook on romantic relationships. Drake has a long list of high-profile ex-partners, including Rihanna, SZA, and Serena Williams. However, he has yet to find his bride.

During the interview, Drake revealed that his marital status isn’t due to disinterest in companionship. When Althoff introduced the topic after reading a few lines from his poetry book, Drake asked the host why she was married. She flipped the question on him, and he replied, “I don’t know; it seems like a thing of ancient times or something.”

He continued, “I think I will eventually. The truth is I don’t think I could offer someone what it is that they’re looking for right now. My work is my priority. I wouldn’t want to contribute as a partner. I don’t wanna get married ’cause, like, I just don’t wanna disappoint someone.”

Althoff claimed that he couldn’t get married because of his promiscuity. In an attempt to rebuttal, Drake said, “I’m not, like, Amish,” referring to a group famous for their traditional approach to marriage.

Later during the chat, Drake also confessed that he’s not interested in jumping into any more entanglements with other celebrities. That suggests the rumors that he and rising rapper Sexyy Red were an item are inaccurate, regardless of their recent steamy photo. “Famous people really aren’t that… aren’t that anything. They’re not that intriguing,” Drake told Althoff.

Watch the full interview above.