Who Is Lilah Pi? Meet Drake’s Rumored New Girlfriend

Drake’s certified lover boy tendencies are rearing their adorable face yet again. According to the rumor mill, the “Search & Rescue” rapper has found his summertime love. The OVO Records boss is reportedly dating singer Lilah Pi. To celebrate Pi’s birthday yesterday (June 8), Drake took to his Instagram Story to share a sweet message. But who is Lilah Pi?

Before the blast of her image to his millions of online followers, Lilah Pi graced the cover of Drake’s artwork for “Search & Rescue.” Due to the nature of the song, many fans thought the musician was being petty by featuring a “Kim Kardashian impersonator” to push further the feud between him and the star’s ex-husband Kanye West. However, if the rumors are true, the Toronto native was soft launching his relationship.

Real name Delilah, the singer grow up in East London, where she discovered her love for music via her parents, telling Clash Magazine, “My dad was more indie pop like Beatles, Bowie, and that was always his vibe. My mum was always a Kanye person.”

Lilah Pi’s debut EP Atlantis was released in November 2021 via The Flight Club Records. Since then, she hasn’t released any more music.

Outside of music, Lilah does enjoy expanding her visual portfolio. Across her Instagram feed, she shares her love of painting, often uploading photographs of her completed pieces.


Similarly to Drake, Lilah Pi is also a die-hard romantic. She often posts about how her parent’s love for each and their marriage inspires her.