Drake Has Honored Tupac With A Pair Of Super Expensive Chains

Drake is a wealthy person, and that’s not a fact that he hides. In June, he showed off his massive home in a video of him hitting a long-range cornhole throw, and a couple months before that, he offered a ride on his private jet to raise money for coronavirus relief.

Now, the Canadian rapper is back with another example of his extreme prosperity, and it serves as a tribute to Tupac. He commissioned jeweler Jason Of Beverly Hills to make him a pair of chains featuring Tupac’s face, one wearing a red bandana and the other one opting for blue. Both are wearing crowns of thorns, and the pair wasn’t cheap.

A half-kilo of gold was used to make both pendants, and each one hangs on a 70-carat diamond chain. both pieces took a total of 150 hours over the course of five weeks to make, and they cost $300,000 each, so $600,000 for the pair.

Drake has a long history with loving Tupac. He referenced him in his early music. In 2011, he bought a neon sign that said, “Less Drake, More Tupac,” and explained why he was actually flattered by it. In a 2013 interview, he was asked which song he wished he had recorded, and his response was Tupac’s “Pain.” He paid tribute to Tupac with his outfit at an NBA Finals game last year. Just last month, he showed off a check signed by Tupac that he had bought on eBay.

He also has a history with Jason Of Beverly Hills: the jeweler designed Drake’s custom Toronto Raptors NBA championship ring last year, as well as a commemorative ASAP Yams chain that he gave to ASAP Rocky.