Fivio Foreign Was Asked To ‘Clean Up’ A Song From His Album That Sampled Destiny Child’s ‘Say My Name’

In just a few hours, Fivio Foreign will finally release his debut album B.I.B.L.E. The project is one that arrives after almost three years after Fivio had his breakout moment with 2019’s “Big Drip.” So far, the album is led by a pair of strong singles: “City Of Gods” with Kanye West, who will executive produce B.I.B.L.E., and Alicia Keys as well as “Magic City” with Quavo. Ahead of the project’s release tonight, Fivio spoke about one of its songs, which samples Destiny’s Child’sSay My Name,” and he explained what he had to do to get the record cleared.

“Shoutout Destiny’s Child, appreciate that, they cleared that joint. [John “Big John” Platt] and them,” Fivio said during an interview on Hot 97 when he was asked about “What’s My Name,” a song from B.I.B.L.E. that features Coi Leray and Queen Naija. Fivio then confirmed that Beyonce heard the song, but did not clear it without a few requests. “She had to hear it,” he said. “She heard it. It was a little vulgar, a little bit for her, at first. I cleaned it up, I cleaned it up, I cleaned it up a lot. It was like, ‘You can’t be talking about girls like that!”

He later added, “Afterward, Big John and them explained to me, it’s a bigger record now and it made sense.” Fivio continued, “One day they called me and they was like ‘Yo, Big John wanna talk to you,” and I’m like damn, the album drops in a week. I’m thinking straight bad news, I ain’t gonna lie, cause I had to go back. It was like alright, you cleaned your part up, clean these other words up. Then it was like clean Coi’s part up a little bit and I’m like damn, so it’s over?” Thankfully for Fivio, the phone call came with good news. “So he called me, it was ringing, I answered the phone, and I’m like ‘Hello?’ and he’s like ‘You’re welcome.’ I’m like what? Is it cleared? He’s like, ‘you’re welcome.'”

You can watch Fivio speak about the Destiny’s Child-sampling song in the video above.

B.I.B.L.E. is out 4/8 via Columbia. You can pre-save it here.