Freddie Gibbs Claims He Can’t Get Chicago Bulls Tickets Because They Give Them All To Chance The Rapper

Like many Indiana natives, Freddie Gibbs is a hardcore hoops fan, however, despite growing up in the Hoosier State, which you might think would make him an Indianapolis Pacers fan, Gary, Indiana’s proximity to Chicago meant the gruff-voiced rapper developed more of an affinity for the Bulls. However, as it turns out, despite being a relatively well-known rapper — he was nominated for a Best Rap Album Grammy this year and has seen his profile rise prolifically since his initial foray into the rap game — Freddie can’t get tickets to see his favorite team — and it’s all Chance The Rapper’s fault, apparently.

At least, that’s what Gibbs attributed his rotten luck securing to on Twitter. “Can’t get no f*ckin bulls tickets cuz they give em all to Chance the Rapper,” he tweeted. It’s no secret that Chance is a pretty big hoop head himself, vowing to get a Chicago Sky tattoo after a recent playoff win (no word yet on whether he’s actually done it), getting shots up (poorly) at Staples Center in Los Angeles after a Clippers game, and even buying his new house just 10 minutes away from Michael Jordan’s estate (which might be a coincidence, but had to leave him pretty jazzed). To be fair, Chance is actually a Chicago native with a longstanding track record of community activism, which might have factored into the favoritism.

But while Chance gets to appear on the Jumbotron at Madison Square Garden, it looks like poor Freddie Gibbs can’t even get in the door at the United Center. While it’s possible — likely, even — that Gibbs is just trolling, as he’s wont to do from time to time (he’s currently engaged in a cheeky tet a tet with Wale over a feature that couldn’t get cleared for Folarin II), here’s hoping he and Chance can work out a timeshare or something, since the Bulls are actually good again (the City of Compton acknowledges your debt, Chi-Town. You’re welcome).