Future Previews A Track From His Upcoming Album With A Clever Scavenger Hunt

Future’s new album High Off Life releases in just a few short hours, but he’s still finding innovative ways to push its buzz. But rather than simply putting out a music video for a song from the album, Future found a more interactive way to tease the release, going as high-tech as he went lo-fi for the album’s cover.

The Atlanta star shared a link to a website that teases a “leaked track” from the new album, but there’s a catch; you have to find the right URL from a list of 149 along the left side of the screen. The URLs include www.highoff.life, www.highoff.love, www.highoff.porn, and www.highoff.work, but the song jumps from link to link, so we couldn’t give it away for you if we wanted. What we can reveal is this: The song in question features Lil Uzi Vert and only plays for 30 seconds before skipping to a new URL. Good luck.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of music from Future out there that’s much easier to get to. “Life Is Good,” the Drake-featuring lead single is out there, along with its DaBaby and Lil Baby-featuring remix. You can also check out Future’s verse on RMR’s “Dealer” remix and Future’s own “Tycoon.”

Try your hand at finding the right URL here.