A Sister Of One Of The GloRilla Concert Stampede Victims Is Reportedly Planning To Sue

After a deadly stampede happened at GloRilla’s concert last month, one of the alleged victims is reportedly planning to sue, according to Billboard. Ronisha Huston’s attorneys have claimed that she is the sister of one of the victims, Rhondesia Belton. Huston is citing that she “suffered emotional distress and needs access to video footage, emergency plans, and other key information,” per the publication.

“Petitioner Ronisha Huston and her now-deceased sister, Rhondesia Belton, got caught up in the crowd surge,” Huston’s team shared. “Huston witnessed her sister getting crushed in the stampede.”

Right now, Huston’s team has reportedly only filed a “petition for pre-action discovery,” which would give them the chance to get information that’s relevant to a larger case and lawsuit. This would include the venue (Main Street Armory) giving “the security firms involved, video footage of the entire concert, fire exit and emergency plans, floor plans, regulatory permits, and communications with private entities involved with the concert.”

GloRilla, nor any other individuals or show-affiliated organizations, are named in the petition, per the publication.

Last month’s deadly incident happened after show attendees rushed to exit the venue after reportedly hearing gunshots. The incident resulted in three deaths and several injuries. Police eventually found no evidence of gunfire. In the wake, the city of Rochester shut down Main Street Armory by not renewing the venue’s license.

The family of another victim, Brandy Miller, had also reportedly been looking at the lawsuit route recently. Theirs would include GloRilla, her tourmate, and the event promoters.