Grammys Host Trevor Noah Introduced Adele To Her Secret Idol, Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock)

Being a good award show means juggling a lot of different responsibilities. As three-time Grammys host Trevor Noah put it tonight, in addition to keeping the show moving along and keeping the crowd entertained with riffs between segments, he’s got to know stuff about the audience. Stuff like how much LL Cool J loves breakfast cereal (or so he says).

But not only did Noah have to keep that information handy, but he also got to put it to good use. Noting that pop star Adele is a huge fan of actor Dwayne Johnson but has never met him, Trevor joked that he didn’t have Dwayne Johnson waiting in the wings to pop out on her — but he did have “The Rock,” Johnson’s wrestling alter ego.

It was a pretty sweet — and funny — moment, as Adele is clearly overjoyed to meet her Hollywood hero, popping up to get a nice hug from him. Naturally, fans watching and tweeting along on Twitter all had the same joke about poor Rich Paul, who has been dating Adele since at least the summer of 2021.

Adele is up for seven awards tonight, including Record, Song, and Album Of The Year. You can follow along with the winners as we update our list here.