Guap, Formerly Guapdad 4000, Gets Very Personal In His Amazon Music Short Film ‘Stoop Kid’

Guap, formerly known as Guapdad 4000, is a true character. The hilarious rapper gained popularity through his ridiculous Twitter videos where he would match self-loathing with delusional confidence en route to repeatedly going viral. He would even post freestyles that were borderline accurate parodies of rappers but also pleasantly surprisingly displays of talent folks were not aware of. Eventually, Guap would release actual projects but this week he pivoted to the big screen with his short film Stoop Kid.

The film, published on Amazon Music in partnership with 88 Rising, is described as “A deeply personal coming-of-age story which follows music artist Akeem ‘GUAP’ Hayes as he navigates a complex upbringing in Oakland, California. The music from GUAP’s album 1176, titled after his childhood home address, sets the tone for this moving story, telling the tale of a Black-Filipino artist as he explores his identity, his family, and community.”

Guap previously held a screening for the film in June 2021 in collaboration with his recent album 1176, and released the promotional trailer last week. With effortless charisma and a variety of ways to both relate to and entertain people, it seems it was only a matter of time before Guap went this route.

Check out Stoop Kid via Amazon Music here.